Amp Services

I specialize in vintage and boutique tube amps such as Marshall, Fender, Vox, HiWatt, Bad Cat, Matchless, Mesa Boogie, Dr. Z, Two Rock and more.  From installing new tubes and adjusting the bias, replacing filter and tone caps, to complete electronic restorations returning your vintage amp to original specifications, I can take care of you.  Whether you want to restore your vintage amp’s tone and performance or upgrade your modern or reissue amp – I can service your amp.

Here is a partial list of services:

Tube Replacement, Bias, Maintenance

If your amp needs new tubes, the output tubes biased, a new input jack, a new volume pot, a new reverb pan, is blowing fuses, or any other type of repair or maintenance - please contact me.  If you are not sure what is wrong with your amp - I can provide an estimate for a standard rate.  If you decide to complete the repair - I will waive the diagnostic fee and apply it to the repair cost.


If your amp is more than 10 years old or has been sitting for a long time unused, it probably needs new filter (power) capacitors.  These important power supply components ensure the performance and tone of your amp are in top shape.  Old, dried-out filter caps have a serious negative effect on your low frequency response and can cause hum and even ghost notes.  Often, reissue amps are over-filtered and can benefit from a return to their original filter values to restore their vintage tone and feel.  Ask me about specific options for your amp.

Reissue Upgrades

Why does my reissue Marshall Plexi not sound like Hendrix?  My Blackface Fender Twin Reverb reissue just doesn’t sparkle like Eric Johnson’s.  My VOX AC-30 is cool, but I just can’t get Brian May’s tone from Bohemian Rhapsody!  There’s a pretty simple reason – these amps are mass-produced using cheaper, and often off spec, parts and components.  Vintage amps used technology available at the time – such as carbon composition resistors, polyester tone caps, and hand-wound transformers.  I can upgrade your reissue amps to sound and feel like their vintage inspiration by replacing key components and transformers.  I can even replace the modern printed circuit board with a vintage layout and hand-wired circuit board.  We can take it as far as your desire and budget allow.

Modern Amp Upgrades

The same reasons reissue amps don’t sound as good as they can is true for modern production amplifiers as well.  Mass-produced using lesser parts and components – these amps greatly benefit from component and transformer upgrades.  I can upgrade your amp to improve the feel, clarity, and depth of your tone.


If your amp doesn’t sound like it should – I can make it shimmer like the day it left the store.  Maybe somebody modified your amp and ruined the tone and performance – or your amp needs a complete down-to-the-chassis restoration – I can fix it.

Hand-wired Custom Amplifiers

I design and build custom amplifiers.  At this time I do not have a standard line of amplifiers, but if you have a concept in mind – I can build it.  Please contact me to discuss your custom amp specifications.

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